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Subscribe Star Goal REACHED + Other Announcements

Just a couple of days ago, and really soon after launching two new Supporter tiers, someone became a supporter in the new highest tier, Apostolos. This has blasted me past a long-standing Subscribe Star goal of $300 USD per month, for which I promised to upgrade my camera. So, a massive thank you to this new supporter and all other supporters for helping me reach this goal!

However, as a result of this prior goal promise, and in order to keep other channel expenses covered, I will have to forego this month's 2-3rds support pledge to the Greece-Turkey travel fund. I wished to make this clear for accountability's sake.

With that said, this new Apostolos supporter's appearance inspired me. I was actually on my way to re-hiding the new tiers because of a bad sense of doing a CD-Project Red (promising things and taking sales before delivering them) when I suddenly saw this new supporter. Then the idea hit me; rather than have him wait for free tutoring in March (which he well understood from the announcement stream anyway), I can start right away, but in a testing phase.

So, this is the second cool announcement, other than the camera: anyone who becomes a supporter as a Protos En Isois ($80 USD per month) or an Apostolos ($120 USD) will be able to take advantage of their free tutoring hours right now, although in a testing format, where I try to see what works and what doesn't. Between now and March you will be exclusive recipients/testers of tutoring services; those who wish to just pay for tutoring hours without joining these tiers will need to wait for the established March release window, but they will have a refined service at the ready. Available tutoring topics are as follows:

  • Historical Method/historiography

  • Hermeneutics

  • Early Church History (chiefly 1st - 2nd & 4th centuries. Message or email me to inquire of other Church History topics beyond those ranges)

  • Protestant Apologetics

  • Koine Greek (beginner - intermediate)

  • Classical Latin (beginner)

This list will likely expand by the time tutoring is officially launched for non-supporters. If you intend to become a Protos En Isois or Apostolos supporter to get early access to tutoring on any of these topics, I recommend first messaging or emailing me about what specifically within those topics you would like to learn about, just to ensure I'm ready at the time to cover it.

Finally, I'll reiterate one of my key goals announced in the New Year livestream; to reach 30 supporters by March, and 100 by the end of the year. In a couple of days I'll be announcing one final reshuffling of supporter tiers to better incentivise support at the lower tiers whilst also preserving significant reward increases for higher tiers, as I'm hoping this will better our chances of reaching this goal. So, if you enjoy my content and wish to help me continue and expand it, and receiving some nice benefits in return, become a supporter at Subscribe Star today!

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