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Greece & Turkey Fundraiser!

You read that right. In September 2023 I will be travelling to Greece and Turkey with members of my church and others in Australia for almost a full month. We will be exploring key locations like Istanbul (Constantinople), Hierapolis, Troy, Gallipoli, Athens, Corinth, and much more.

However, apart from my $500 deposit, the full cost amounts to just under $9,500 Australian Dollars. And so, I'm making this campaign in hopes of fully funding the trip through my ministry.

Why should I support the trip?

My ultimate motivation is of spiritual significance. I will be exploring key locations in biblical history, particularly of my own namesake the Apostle Paul. So, this is going to be of massive personal significance for me.

However, there are also massive benefits for you. This trip offers a truly unique opportunity for on-the-ground content in a variety of forms. I will be recording copious amounts of footage and taking many photos as I travel, which I will be utilising in many ideas for content which I have, such as (if I get the opportunity) reading Paul's sermon at the Areopagus (Acts 17) at the Areopagus, and a number of videos on key moments in biblical/church history at the very sites in which they occurred. The possibilities for such content are endless, and I welcome suggestions from anyone.

How can I donate?

The primary means of support is to become a monthly donator at SubscribeStar ( From now on until the deadline for the trip cost (July) two-thirds of SubscribeStar income will go towards the fund.

However, you can also make a direct deposit to my ministry's funds, just shoot me over an email and I'll give you the necessary details depending on your country of origin. Every cent of your donation will go straight into the fund, and at the end of every month until July I will post updates on total current funding.

I will emphasise again that the full cost is due by July, so we don't have very long to raise the amount. Everyone who supports whether via SubscribeStar or direct deposit will be honoured by name in a video.

For everyone who chooses to support, you have my eternal gratitude. God bless!

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