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Greece-Turkey Fundraiser Cancelled

A slightly sad announcement; I have to call off the Greece-Turkey fundraiser. Because of the steep trip cost of $9.5k I was gonna devote both a pool of money from SubscribeStar (2 third of every month's income) + my own personal income. However, given responsibilities of various kinds, I simply haven't come even close to a feasible rate by which I could have all the money by the July deadline, so for that reason I'm calling off the fundraiser. Thankfully there aren't any big complications with managing what to do with donations specifically for the trip, because no one has given such to my knowledge (and I should've had a contingency publicly laid out at the start as to what I'd do with specified donations if the fundraiser failed).

I so far have $750 AUD in the channel income jar for the trip, so I'll be considering what to do with such for the betterment of the channel. Since this is all SubscribeStar income I'll discuss with my supporters what I should do (tho I'm open to public suggestions too). While not enough for an all-expenses-paid trip to Greece and Turkey, $750 AUD is a lot for bolstering a ministry like mine. That is all for now, and apologies to anyone who was excited about what was to come out of the trip.

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